A unique colaboration between tech mastermind Teunis Marseille and Camiel de Kruijf, both big effect pedal lovers.

Teunis designs and builds effectpedals, creating sound possibilities that match the well known pedals we all know and adore.

Camiel is owner of a small boutique guitarshop in The Netherlands. We made plans to make the ultimate fuzz and OD pedal in a limited production. After testing tons of old fuzz, OD and other amazing sounding pedals, Teunis started building to get the Scoria to life, a pedal that will blow your ears and if you don't watch out, also your speakers! 

It is a versatile dirt box that switches from low gain od to a mad fuzz sound, all with a powerful eq curve that cuts through a dense mix. A High-mid boosted od&fuzz pedal. Original circuit, limited to 5 pedals. 

This just the start, more will follow! 

Exclusively available at Rock 'n Roll Store.

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